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The company


Wil El Mil (WEM) Engineering Limited is an independent company that has expanded progressively since its establishment in 1974. We have always put quality, customer care and value for money foremost. Our technical design and manufacturing capability has established a reputation for providing secure engineering solutions to worldwide concrete pre-cast customers using the wet pressing process. Company highlights and focus includes:

- Over 30 years experience in wet press design and manufacture.
- Continuous improvement and development based on well proven designs.
- In-house technical capability with qualified engineers.
- In-house design of all mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical/electronic    
  control including software.
- In-house manufacture of control panels, PLC systems and inverter drives.
- In-house CNC machining, fabrication, assembly and test.
- Manufacturing is based on integrated CAD/CAM systems.
- Mechanical design utilising the latest 3D CAD software.
- Full product support in all markets.
- Worldwide customer base.


The wet pressing process


The concrete wet pressing process was established in the 1890s and developed initially by the hydraulic press manufacturer Fielding & Platt. The wet press process has since become recognised as the process by which the highest quality concrete paving slabs and kerbs are made. It is the specified process in the UK and the Middle East and is also preferred in other countries. The wet pressing process involves compressing a wet concrete slurry under a hydraulic press in on order to remove the excess water. Filters either side of the concrete ensure only water is extracted resulting in a fully compacted material with a near optimum water/cement ratio. A vacuum system removes the extracted water resulting in a product which can be ejected from the mould and stacked for final curing. Production rates can be up to 12 products per minute.

  Pressed products  

Products typically manufactured by the wet pressing process comply with the most stringent national & international standards. Due to their superior durability, they are the standard choice for use in harsh environments, e.g. where regular freeze/thaw cycles and exposure to de-icing salts are experienced and where sulphate attack is an issue. Products include:

- Kerbstones, straight, internal & external radii, corners, tapered.
- Paving slabs up to 1mtr x 0.6mtr. Plain, textured or tactile surface.
- Drainage channels.
- Drainage kerbs.
- Drainage slabs.
- Path edgings.
- Steps.
- Blocks for split stone walling.
- Cable covers.

  Our equipment and services  

Wil El Mil Engineering Ltd offer presses up to 6MN in power with the number of moulds ranging from 1 to 6. Both new and re-manufactured machines are supplied. A full compliment of moulds, mould filling, and product/pallet handling systems are available with controls from fully automatic to manually operated according to customer requirements.

- Energy efficiency is a key design feature.
- All designs incorporate years of experience in the wet pressing process.
- Equipment is designed for simplicity and ruggedness to improve reliability and access     
  for cleaning, maintenance and mould changing.
- Use of programmable electric drives allows settings and adjustments to be performed
  with no mechanical intervention, significantly reducing mould change times.
- Programmable drives enable machine optimisation according to the product, reducing
  cycle times.
- Windows based operator interface for ease of use and connectivity.
- Menu based product selection enabling fast changeover times.
- Management data, control system monitoring, fault diagnosis, and maintenance
  information available from the operator interface.
- Remote support available with broadband connection over the internet.
- Extensive use of standard components from major manufacturers ensuring availability of
  spare parts.

In addition to the above we also offer a full subcontract design and manufacturing service using

- Mastercam 3D CAD/CAM software fully integrated with CNC machining centres.
- Leadwell, Mazak and Hyundai CNC lathes, capacity up to 0.8 m dia, 3 m in length.
- Leadwell and Fadal CNC mills, capacity up to 1.3 m x 0.8 m.
- Conventional milling, turning, surface grinding, drilling and boring.